Net Metering is a separate program from OurSolar.

 Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative encourages renewable energy projects such as solar and wind, and one option is Net Metering. Net Metering is available to both Residential and Commercial Members.


Net Metering allows owners of on-site solar or wind system to spin their meters backward, effectively "storing" excess energy on the grid. A common misconception is that the electricity generated by a solar or wind system needs to be stored in a battery. While this is possible, current technology does not make it very cost-effective.

With Net Metering, a building receives power from both the cooperative and the Member's solar or wind system. When solar or wind generation exceeds the building's electricity requirement, the excess is "stored" on the grid, spinning your meter backward. When your renewable energy is not generating enough electricity for the building requirements, your cooperative supplies the power needed.

The Net Metering program may eliminate the need for Members to integrate costly batteries into their system. It also values Member solar or wind generation at a fair rate and helps to ensure a safe installation.

Within a calendar year, your solar or wind system generation cannot exceed your total annual energy requirement.

A Hancock-Wood engineer’s review and approval is required for interconnection. 
To begin that process, your electrician or installer needs to review the technical guidelines and fill out the APPLICATION FOR DISTRIBUTED RESOURCE 

This application requires the following to be considered complete:

  • One-line diagram
  • Site drawing that shows the location of inverter, modules, meter, and accessible disconnect switch
  • Spec sheet for inverter(s)
  • Spec sheet for PV module(s)
  • Proof of Personal Liability Insurance Coverage ($250,000 minimum)
  • Payment of Application Fee of $ 200



Residential systems are limited to 25 kW. Commercial systems are limited to 100 kW.

To learn more, call 1-800-445-4840.